ALPHABET’s organization is reflected in the Management System our company applies, in accordance with ISO 17100 2015 Translation Services – Requirements for Translation Services.

To support this organization, as well as ensuring the seamless operation of our infrastructure and minimizing the incidents that cause delays in our work, we have put in place a modern IT system with all the essential specifications that cover the needs of a contemporary language service provider, along with the requirements of any complex translation projects.

To manage our work, we have a special translation project management tool in place, which enables us to schedule and monitor project implementation, financial planning, human resources, as well as the individual customer needs.

To perform our translation tasks, we use the most renowned translation memory and terminology management tools, and adequately train our translators to make the best out of them. At the same time, we have invested heavily in connecting ALPHABET with the flow management and translation systems of our distinguished overseas clients.

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