Interpreting Services

We provide the widest range of high quality, consecutive or simultaneous interpreting services

Interpreting is a challenging brain function, which is certainly not limited to excellent knowledge of languages; it requires:

With the advent of the pandemic, we entered into a new era requiring ever more flexibility and adaptability. The need to organize teleconferences, webinars or other events with simultaneous remote interpretation has increased, as more and more companies and organizations tend to communicate remotely with their customers and partners.

In response to the above, at ALPHABET we offer quality consecutive or simultaneous interpreting services in a wide range of cases such as:



Conferences of all
sizes and types




Why do ALPHABET's interpreting services excel?

We have completed more than 5500 Interpretation Days in 27 years and counting!

We work exclusively with experienced and highly qualified members of the Association of Conference Interpreters of Greece and AIIC, who possess essential professionalism and ethics.

We ensure the supply of a complete set of necessary infrastructure, and appropriate technical equipment.

We are immediately at your disposal, providing competitive services.

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