Desktop publishing

We handle the 'full package', from translation to desktop publishing, saving you valuable resources

At ALPHABET we operate as an integrated service hub. That is why we are able to use the most popular desktop publishing programs (DTP), undertaking the complete adaptation and re-creation of the electronic and printed documents you need to translate.

By doing so, your texts are delivered in your preferred final format, ready for printing, freeing you from the need to search for additional partners.

Why do ALPHABET's DTP services excel?

We ensure

thanks to our lengthy experience and know-how, that the quality of translation, editing and desktop publishing services we provide incorporates the appropriate text in the required format and layout.

We collaborate

with you and undertake any kind of reproduction of your translated and edited texts.

We have

partners with the required level of knowledge related to appropriate software, from Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator to QuarkXPress and InDesign.

We deliver

print-ready files to you, helping you save time and valuable resources.

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