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Translation consulting services

Interpreting consulting services

Would you like to fill in-house translation vacancies or organize a translation department in your organisation? 

With more than 26 years of experience in the Translation industry and a proven evaluation and selection procedure, ALPHABET is committed to be your most valuable advisor in this endeavour.

Many organisations take such a step individually, on their own, only to find that either their hiring is not paying off or that their department is not properly organized, lacking the essential infrastructure and tools.

As a result, they are forced to turn to the market again for their most demanding translation projects, inflating their costs.

ALPHABET can help
by providing you with:

Selection processes, taking over from the publication of an advertisement, the examination of candidates' CVs, the preparation and conduct of interviews, up to the carrying out of the corresponding exams, wherever this is deemed necessary.
In-house translation department preparation and organization processes, choosing the appropriate software, fully organizing the reference material (electronic resources, subscriptions or registrations to appropriate services and terminology sources, etc.), but also the wider equipment required for your translations.

Aligned with its experience in the field of Interpreting,
which exceeds 26 years, ALPHABET can support you in the following ways:

Recommending the right venue for your event, meeting or conference.
Suggesting the appropriate type of interpreting on a case-by-case basis (consecutive, simultaneous, whispered).
Proposing the necessary equipment (interpreter booths, receivers, loudspeaker and microphone installation) with the most competitive financial offer for its leasing.
Arranging remote interpreting through our in-house RSI studio.

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