Financial Translation at ALPHABET


For more than 22 years, ALPHABET has been translating demanding financial and economic documents intended for large audiences, including:

– Annual/Semi-Annual Reports
– Financial Statements
– Investor Presentations
– Regulatory Reporting Documents
– Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)
– Economic Outlook Reports
– Mutual Fund Prospectuses, Simplified Prospectuses and Articles of Association

Being fully aware of the nuance differences between IFRS in the EU and GAAP in the US, our experienced financial translation team are able to provide accurate and high-quality translations by also utilizing our extensive databases of validated terms that we have compiled over the years.

Moreover, being conscious of the fact that regulations are constantly evolving, they make sure they keep abreast of any developments and/or novelties, so as to be able to provide flawless financial translations within the specified deadlines.

Some of the country’s and the world’s best-known financial institutions, banks and SICAVs entrust ALPHABET with their sensitive and confidential documents, as well as marketing material.

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