Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020


It is with great pleasure that we are sharing the results of ALPHABETs Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020, which was held in the third quarter. 

After 24 consecutive yearswe are proud to confirm once again that the overwhelming majority of our customers remain very satisfied with the quality of our services, our punctuality, the way we meet their needs and the support we provide after the delivery of our translation projects. 

Specifically, we received responses from 35 representatives of different corporate customerswho regularly do business with ALPHABET.The results are as follows: 

  • 91%stated that they are highly and very satisfied with the quality of services delivered by ALPHABET. 
  • 97%stated that they are highly and very satisfied with the observance of project deadlines by ALPHABET. 
  • 100% stated that they are highly and very satisfied with our capabilities of solving problems that arise during and after the projects they assign to us. 

We welcomed these results with great satisfaction. At the same time, however, we consider them a challenge for the future, as we aim to maintain and further improve individual areas of our service performance.  

You can click here to see the entire survey.