Count on our lasting experience in financial sector translations


👉 Proven experience: In our 26 years in the market, we have gained extensive experience in translating content (such as Annual/Semi-Annual Reports, Financial Statements, Investor Presentations, Regulatory Reporting Documents, Key Investor Information Documents et al.) assigned to us by major financial institutions, ministries, banks, multinational enterprises and listed companies.

👉 In-depth knowledge of financial terminology: Through our specialized experience, we have managed to create an extensive financial termbase and a database of IFRS terms which we are constantly enriching. At ALPHABET we are able to refer to a huge wealth of knowledge to select the appropriate terminology for your content.

👉 Critical flexibility and adaptability: At ALPHABET we are aware that your content must be translated accurately, quickly, often by extending the daily working shifts. Our teams are organized in a flexible way and adapted to your requirements, so that your work is delivered correctly and on time.

👉 Secure communication: Your financial content is often confidential. At ALPHABET we have developed a protected internal infrastructure providing capabilities for direct and flexible communication with our managers, secure file transfer and sharing, all in a friendly and 24/7 available online environment.

👉 Tailored services: ALPHABET’s people with whom you first come into contact are the ones who also implement and deliver your tailored projects. You won’t have to deal with complex, faceless procedures or constantly renewed staff membersAlways focused on your needs, we aim at ensuring an optimal customer experience for you and your business.