Case study: Virtual conference hosting, remote interpreting and technical support


ALPHABET recently completed a project assigned by a major international client, involving the provision of virtual meeting hosting, virtual remote interpreting (VRI) and technical support in a two-day event that attracted almost 100 participants from Greece and abroad.

As part of this assignment, ALPHABET:

  • organized the preparation and dispatch of e-invitations for a total of four different virtual sessions;
  • provided remote interpreting into Greek and English;
  • translated reports, questionnaires and other documentation for the event;
  • provided technical support to participants for joining the virtual meeting.

The new era that has emerged calls for flexibility and adjustability as a number one priority. In its 24 years of operation in Greece, ALPHABET has always focused on meeting its clients’ needs by applying the highest standards. Virtual meetings, webinars and other virtual events have existed in the past, but now companies and organisations want to communicate with their customers and partners remotely more than ever before.

Do you want to organize a virtual event or a conference with remote interpreting? ALPHABET is here to support you by offering its top-quality services that have ensured its established presence in the market.