ALPHABET at the time of the coronavirus


A key measure considered or already implemented globally by many businesses in their efforts to slow down the spread of coronavirus is telecommuting, or else telework.

The language service industry is in a rather advantageous position in this respect, as work-from-home is a quite widely used solution long adopted by Language Service Providers (LSPs) for their freelance workforce.

Many LSPs like ALPHABET, however, also employ in-house permanent staff who work at the company’s premises.

Given the above, ALPHABET has extensively informed its people about the precautions and guidelines set out by the national public health organization, urging them to fully conform.

At the same time, ALPHABET is fully prepared to continue its operation even if emergency lock down measures are enforced for businesses at a local, regional or national level: All our people are adequately equipped with the appropriate hardware and software, and are trained to work remotely so as to ensure the uninterrupted, smooth provision of our services of to our customers.

By utilizing our resources, from our remote network connections via Virtual Private Network and our remote access to the company’s linguistic and other resources to the required teleconference software and remote screen sharing functionalities, we are ready to face this challenge as well.

ALPHABET is a well-structured and flexible organisation and has been able to successfully handle diverse crises in the past 24 years.

Once again, our primary weapon is to…keep calm.