Keep calm and let me proofread your work

A key step in any and all translation work is proofreading/reviewing. In fact, it is the finishing stage that determines the final quality, and the ultimate touch that makes or breaks a translated text.

Yet, in today’s world where contracts need to be signed asap, press releases must be published immediately, websites ought to be updated overnight, tender bids have to be submitted within tight deadlines etc., it is always a struggle to ensure adequate proofreading/reviewing time. Actually, this holds equally true for both authoring and translation, which explains why there has been a steady deterioration of content language quality across all media.

With aspects such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, register and style to be considered in a final translated text, it is impossible to tackle them all in the first draft. Therefore, time needs to be made at all cost for this most critical step of the translation process. This is something we, in ALPHABET, have always respected by rigorously applying the ISO 17100-specified four-eye principle, on top of the industry-standard translation QA and terminology verification tools.
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